Dejan Stefanoski

Tech Lead & Asset Manager

Dejan Stefanoski - Senior Software, DevOps and Cloud Engineer Slider


Name : Dejan Stefanoski

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Languages : English, Macedonian, Serbian

About Me

Senior Software, DevOps and Cloud Engineer

Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect and Associate Cloud Engineer

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering, specialised in Cyber Defense, Computer Crime and Forensics, experienced in Cloud Computing & Infrastructure Services including but not limited to AWS Cloud, GCP as well as Cloud Native.

I have a very long professional experience programming, developing and deploying software across a variety of platforms using different tools and technologies.

I've worked and contributed on numerous projects from concept to completion, including architecture, analysis, project estimations and development operations while mentoring younger engineers, coding to consistently high standards and regularly refreshing skills staying always up to date with the ongoing trends and the latest technologies.

Skills & Occupations

Cloud Architecture & Cloud Engineering

DevOps & Software Engineering

Site Reliability Engineering

Service-Oriented Architecture

Enterprise Implementations

Software Development Lifecycle

Programming Languages, Platforms & Tools

Docker / CI|CD / GitLab / GitHub Actions / ArgoCD / Helm / Kubernetes

Terraform / Ansible / AWS Cloud / GCP / Proxmox VE / Bare Metal

OS X / Linux / Alpine / Debian / Ubuntu / BASH / SSH / CLI / TCP / DNS / Nginx

PHP / Laravel / PYTHON / Serverless / RESTful API

JavaScript / NodeJs / ReactJs / HTML5 / CSS3

MySQL / PostgreSQL / Eloquent / ORM

Education & Certification

To enrich knowledge, I attended two universities in Macedonia and successfully completed exchange program in the oldest private military college in the United States.

I strongly believe that the key to pursuing excellence is to embrace a long-term learning process. Eventually, growth comes at the expense of leaving the comfort zone via constant challenge to oneself trough knowledge and day-to-day practice.